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Figures (Figure studies)
Cosmic/Language Series
Land/Sky Scapes
Still - Life (Flora)

Art was my salvation from the 1950s Pacoima; my sharpest memories from those days are of colors. Everything was transposed into hues, the light green of the Pepper tree, the bright red geraniums, and the dark, star-filled skies. Feelings and turmoil, and transience became a palette. Being an artist gave me a strong sense of self and identity to latch onto, separate from my family’s dysfunction.

I’ve been described as omnidirectional, but it is color that unifies my vision. I am multidisciplinary;  all of my work is a tapestry of diversity. The people in my life, the cultures and countries I’ve been fortunate to visit, the environment  around me, and the skies above, all rendered in paints, pastels, and encaustics. These are the notes of my palette, the themes of my art.

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