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Cosmic/Language Series

"On the border between art and technology stands writing in all its boundless variety: topography and calligraphy to please the eye, signs and symbols to satisfy the mind, games to amuse and graffiti to provoke"           George Jean

The two Language Series are comprised of paint, ink, paper, and metallic dust on wood panels. I've also added another love of mine, quotations, especially those about the cosmos and creation.
 In researching different languages systems, I began to think about communication with other intelligent beings in our universe and what elements would be the same. If we are subject to the physics of our known universe, such as gravity, space, and time, wouldn't all entities be likewise bound? If so, would they also use symbols as a means of communication? All of these elements: the cosmic imagery, geometry, symbols, and quotes from artists, astronomers, poets, and writers are utilized in the two Language Series paintings. In three of the Language Series, the viewer must open the piece to see more graphic elements and quotes. This prompts the viewer to act upon and engage more fully in the artwork.
 Further exploration of language systems, especially the most ancient ones, led to the Language Palimpsests. The title of this series came from my sanding and effacing the bottom layers - leaving remnants and traces, which is the palimpsest. There are also modern languages, sacred geometry, and various symbols used in different belief systems.

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